— About Voedings

We have made the best effort of revolutionizing the world of edible products. We aim at reshaping food industry.

We have created a team of purpose-driven and dedicated employees. With their skill and passion, we have achieved the ultimate success. Our organic beverages and plant-based foods ensure the unique flavour and highest health benefits.

We serve the most innovative and delightful products

We have become one of the fastest growing organic food brands. Since the time we have started our journey, our team is constantly striving to give pleasure to the taste buds to millions of consumers.

Why to choose us in the organic food sector

Know the unique aspects of our company


We grow and package products in a way that sustains natural ecosystem.


We operate responsibly to ensure positive effects on our business and the surrounding environment.

Better packaging

We use renewable resources and recycled content as our packaging material.


We label products clearly for our customers’ convenience.

Avail all the foods from us

We are dedicated to manage everything that we take from the nature. Our manufacturing process never affects the ecological balance. We are now trying to widen the category of foods that we serve to our customers.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to stay compliant with all the organic food standards and to set unbiased price policy for all our customers.

Our vision is to gain a leading position as the organic food producer and supplier

Four things have led us to success

  • High experience to deal with organic foods industry
  • Reliable and trusted network
  • Strong and big farmer base
  • Certified and tested food products