— Our Projects

Project on ecological farming

We have started a farmer-driven mission and focused on the conventional organic approaches in the farming industry.

We have also combined innovative scientific techniques, relevant to ecological farming. Nutrient-risks help in growing healthy crops, and thus, we are successful in retaining the health of our consumers.

Project on fund management

We have done it for managing the funds that we get from public and private sources for education and research in the field of organic agriculture.

We have also made an effort for increasing everyone’s knowledge on organic agriculture. By making them knowledgeable, we stimulate them to invest on the organic food products.

Project on the producers

Lots of professionals are engaged in the present food chain. Some of them offer inputs to the farmers, while others reach the organic items to the market.

Those professionals have to learn everything about farming- Number of farmers, their location and the industry field. We believe that our efforts are highly useful to these professionals.